Telling Technology Stories with IPython Notebook September 2, 2014

In my role at Media Temple, I end up doing a lot of ad-hoc analysis, looking at things a diverse as how our infrastructures are growing, to changes in the market, to trying to figure out how we can help our customers better, and so on. As I discussed in the talk, it was becoming a more and more frustrating process. I’d increasingly seen people mentioning something called the IPython Notebook, and I finally decided to give it a try.

It was love at first install. It helped dramatically with so many of the kinds of tasks I was working on, and yet almost nobody I talked to had heard of it or actually tried it out. So, I submitted talk proposals to a few conferences, and was pleasantly suprised when it was accepted by both OSCON and LinuxCon. (Extra special thanks to my local Python Meetup, #pdxpython, for letting me practice before OSCON, and giving me some extremely constructive feedback which really improved the talk.)

I got a lot of nice feedback about the talk, including this extremely kind comment from Fernando Perez, the project’s founder:


The OSCON session was recorded, and thanks to their speaker-friendly video agreement, I’m allowed to share their video with you here.

The best way to see the slides is live, with a running IPython Notebook. You can get all the code (and the instructions to get started) in the talk’s github repo.

If you want a preview, you can check out the fullscreen slides or see it inline right here, but please note that much of the talk is ‘live’ IPython Notebook demos, and the links to them will not work.