Oak Tree in our Apartment May 3, 2005

No, that’s not a band name. Tonight we were sitting peacefully at home at about 9:30, when I heard a big crunchy crackly sound that kept getting bigger. I thought at first the cats had pulled over the bookshelf but the sound got much too big for that!

Lo and behold, the aged oak tree that dwells outside our apartment decided to split approximately in half, slamming into our building.

The best part is that (1) ok, nobody got hurt, but (2) a branch came through our bedroom window! We didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out from the ground, we’d been in the other room and ran right outside.

I came back upstairs expecting there to be glass all over the floor, but thankfully – no. I’d opened the window earlier in the evening to cool it down a bit and all it did was smash the screen on that side and toss it on the floor.

With the help of a friendly fireman and a free jigsaw, we cut off the branches that were poking through and can sleep in peace tonight.

Until tomorrow. When they come with chainsaws. :)