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About me

My name is Josh Barratt. is my personal blog, which has taken too many forms over the years. The current incaration is running a very minimalist theme, and is powered by the Hugo static site generator.

You can find me on all the normal spots:

My resume is also available, should you have an interesting opportunity to discuss.

I’m currently happily working as an Architect at Twilio, focusing on internal platforms used to power our massive scale communications tools.

About the site

The name serialized has a double meaning. For programmers, to ‘serialize’ something is to take something from a live, running program and store it on disk in a way that can be brought back to life later, possibly by a different program. I liked that aspect – I’m dumping life thoughts and threads from my life onto disk, where some other reader will pick them up and bring them to life in their head. I also like the way the name (albeit with slightly different spelling) is a callback to serial novels like Sherlock Holmes.

I tend to write about my passions and obsessions – the phrase “Fascination Burnout” comes from Neal Stephenson via Binary Bonsai

β€œI am fascinated,” I insisted, β€œThat’s the problem. I am suffering from fascination burnout. Of all the things that are fascinating, I have to choose just one or two.”

I’m still learning to choose the one or two and the things that I’m currently playing with will probably show up here in one way or another.

You can always contact me at jbarratt (at)