An Argument for Containers, featuring Docker October 28, 2013

I was invited to speak at the All Things Open 2013 conference in Raleigh, NC, and took the opportunity to talk about a project I’ve been researching and experimenting with a lot recently: Docker. For a first year conference, it was fantastic. My hearty thanks to the organizers for taking such great care of us and curating a solid, interesting lineup.

I got a lot of nice feedback about the presentation (in person as well) which was heartening, so I thought it would be worth sharing here. It’s a reveal.js presentation, so click inside the box and use the arrow keys to nagivate.

If you prefer, you can view it fullscreen (recommended), there is a PDF Version, or you can view the source on github. Finally, if you have an hour and really enjoy the sound of my voice, you can watch the talk on YouTube: