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Updated Octopress to Nikola guide and tool April 17, 2013


If you are looking for the Octopress to Nikola migration script, Mike McCracken has improved it and moved it to it’s own repository.

I updated my guide to migrating from Octopress to Nikola to reflect a new feature I submitted to Nikola, which is available in the latest release.

Given a file on the disk like posts/coolstory.rst

            `PRETTY_URLS=False`         `PRETTY_URLS=True`

Output File output/coolstory.html output/coolstory/index.html Ultimate URL http://../coolstory.html http://../coolstory/

The Octopress importer I describe in the (updated) previous post now leverages this capability, so instead of files like posts/coolstory/index.rst you can have posts/coolstory.rst, which leads to a much nicer filesystem.

I also wrote a quick script to upgrade an existing Nikola site which was previously migrated from Octopress:

~/nikola-site $ util/ posts/