So sick of keys April 13, 2009

I was almost asleep when I got a text message that jolted me awake. To settle back down I decided to sort out my keys. It’s pretty amazing what I have to carry right now: 11 real keys 2 battery powered keyless remotes 1 RFID tag for a coded door 1 gym bar code tag

Thankfully, within a month I should be -1 key and keyless from selling the Subaru -2 keys from my subleased office I am moving out of -2 keys from selling my scooter -2 keys from my new office (once converted to use the RFID).

So for now I just have to live with a bloated ring.

I wonder how many years it will be before we look back on keys as a hilarious antiquated concept. There’s already enough hardware in my car and office building that they could at least offer an iPhone compatability mode. And you only have to search ‘bump key’ on YouTube to realize how silly ‘traditional’ locks are.

Oh well. Time to see if I can get back to sleep.

too many keys