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No pullup bar March 6, 2009

I haven’t talked about it much on this site, other than on my twitter feed, but I’m really enjoying a fitness program I’ve been doing called CrossFit. (I go to Culver City Crossfit and it is awesome.)

In any case, there have been days (like this Friday) where for some reason I can’t make it. No problem, CrossFit can be done anywhere. However, a lot of the workouts, at the very least, require a pullup bar. I really want to get one for my house and office, but haven’t done that yet. Also, I wanted to find workouts I could do on the road as well where the equipment I’ve got on me is extremely limited. (Kettlebells and Packing Light don’t really go that well together.)

I googled for “CrossFit Bodyweight” and found this great document: Bodyweight WOD’s. (A ‘WOD’ is the Workout Of The Day, the workout a given CrossFit affiliate has their athletes do that day.)

Lots of them still require the ability to do pullups (again, no bar) or include moves that I’m still working on, like handstand pushups or 1-legged squats.

So I clipped out (for my reference, but figured it might help someone else, too) a few of those that I am able to do, and only require one piece of equipment: some ability to keep time. (Well, and in some cases something approximately 2 feet tall that you can jump onto.)

I’ve retained the original sourcing on all of the WOD’s that had them.

3 rounds for time of: 50 Push­ups 50 Sit­ups 50 Squats

Four rounds for time of: 25 Lunges 50 Squats

Five rounds for time of: 100 squats 20 Lunges 35 push­ups

15 rounds for max reps: Pull­ups, 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off

For total time: Run 10 minutes max effort 200 squats Run 10 minutes max effort (Source: Shane Skowron)

4 rounds: 50 walking lunges 50 squats Run 400m (Source: Shane Skowron)

5 rounds: 10 burpees 20 box/bench jumps 30 pushups 40 squats 50 lunges (Source: forums)

Run 5k for time, but every 5:00 do 50 pushups and 50 squats. 

1200m uphill sprint  Rest 1:00 1200m downhill jog Rest 1:00 Repeat

1:00 sprint / 1:00 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:50 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:40 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:30 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:20 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:10 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:20 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:30 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:40 rest 1:00 sprint / 0:50 rest 1:00 sprint / 1:00 rest (

10x100m with 2:00 rests

8x200m with 2:00 rests

4x400m with 5:00 rests

8 rounds of: 80 seconds sprint / 40 seconds recovery (Source:

3 rounds: 100m sprint / Rest same amount of time you finished the sprint 200m sprint / Rest same amount of time you finished the sprint 300m sprint / Rest same amount of time you finished the sprint (Source: