100 Burpee Challenge: PDF Calendar January 7, 2009

Some of the people at Culver City Crossfit started doing a “100 Burpee Challenge” they found on Crossfit Santa Cruz’s site. (Check that link for a full explanation of the “rules” and for what a good Burpee looks like.)

A guy from the Royal Navy demonstrates.

It sounded like fun so I jumped in and made up my missing Burpees. Since we started it on the 1st of the year, it’s pretty easy to know how many you have to do for the month of January – it’s just the date. It gets trickier after January’s over – you need to know what day of year it is.

I found a sweet PDF calendar generator which includes the ability to put the day of the year right in the calendar!

So, here it is. (I’ll bring one in for Crossfit Culver’s wall before the end of January.) Link: 100_burpee_calendar.pdf