Smoky Caramel Quesadilla March 9, 2006

Created an odd dish tonight that I really enjoyed, so I thought I’d share. I had about 25 minutes before starting a car trip and just inventoried the fridge. The single remaining burrito-size tortilla and as of yet un-molded cheddar called to me to make a quesadilla – but that would be boring.

1) Over low heat with as little as possible oil (I like the Trader Joe’s spray canola) begin to prepare your quesadilla – a tortilla folded in half, stuffed with shredded cheese and optionally shredded meat. I also tossed some Peri-Peri rub with the cheese/turkey.

2) In a small pan boil a splash of water. While heating shake in about as much again of sugar. Sprinkle in some smoked spanish paprika. Let that bubble away until it starts to get larger bubbles and starts to get some resistance while you stir it. (Normally I judge caramel by the color, but in this case it’s deep red from the get-go.)

3) Turn the quesadilla at the appropriate time. When the caramel is caramel, carefully pour it on the quesadilla, spreading it evenly and stopping it from dribbling over the sides. Might as well only have to clean caramel off of /one/ pan.

Allow it to sit until the caramel has hardened into a nice crisp, smoky, sweet, spicy shell. Slice, serve and enjoy.

You might want to try making this one for yourself the first time.