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I love you Viking, but goodbye. July 2, 2005

You know what’s absurd? This is less than 1/2 what my mom paid for a 4 burner, 1 oven Viking range. Am I missing something? Does this range offer less in some aspect or another? Based on all the stats I see, the answer is no – for example, the viking had one 18k BTU burner – whereas this has 6 22k BTU burners! And having a broiler/griddle like that… since the broiler’s become my go-to kitchen tool, I’d be in heaven. No more crawling around on the floor and wondering if the things in the back are catching on fire. I wonder 2 things: Are there any codes which prevent using a full-on commercial range in the home? And where can I find these used? I bet they age really well, and I could probably knock another $1000 off the price.

Now, to convince Amber that our kitchen will look AWESOME with one of those in it.