You can learn from my mistakes! (Peanut Meatballs) April 6, 2005

You may have surmised from reading this site that I’m typically a recipes-only kind of cook. I do tend, at this stage in my development, to lean toward recipes, but more and more (especially if I’m just making something for myself) I like to ‘freestyle’ with what I have in the cupboard.

Last night I made a pad thai’ish dish with scrounged ingredients. I had no meat other than some leftover frozen ground beef, so I thought “instead of making hamburger helper pad thai, what about putting little thai-inspired meatballs in the dish?” So all went well except for one small thing. Typically meatballs have some kind of binder – breadcrumbs, eggs, etc. I added some of the standards, but thought for that thai kick – crushed peanuts would make a good add-in. Maybe – but only if you crushed them a lot more than I did.

Though the taste was fine, the “mouth feel” was uncannily like finding 3 or 4 fingernail clippings inside each little ball. Eeeeeeeew. Consider yourselves warned, my work here is done.