vim and CVS todo lists April 28, 2005

We keep our todo lists in CVS – it’s not as classy as using a web app, I guess, but it is nice to be able to edit what turns out to be a fairly rich space using the wonderfully powerful text-flingy-ness of vim.

The thing is, I used to always launch my todo list from a terminal, then keep that terminal around so I could commit and update. I suddenly realized that a simple :map would make things a lot easier – since when I launch vim, it keeps the same working directory that it starts with.

So sticking this in my .vimrc:

map <F8> :!cvs commit -m ""<CR><CR>

means by hitting F8 (arbitrary choice) I can commit the current document. Nice. If it gets to it I could add in the other features, like update, but for now I digs it.