Espresso and Coke May 14, 2004

One of my favorite drinks (especially when the afternoon slump hits) is a coke with a shot of espresso. Yes, this sounds disgusting. I encourage you to give it a try before you decide that … I first ran into it as the ‘bolt’ in Borders Westwood, and have seen it in various other incarnations in the rest of my travels.

My favorite time that I tried to order one of these was in Bucharest… explaining it to the Romanian server was quality. “What kind of drink is this?!?!”

I’ve finally perfected the process for making them at home. The biggest catch seems to be that when you pour the coke into the espresso (or vice versa) you get this copious explosion of bizarrely thick foam, making the preparation of it a challenge. This method completely avoids that problem.

  1. Pull espresso shots into a small cup. This is by taste, but I usually do 1 shot/6 oz of Coke.
  2. Place the cup into the freezer for approx 20 minutes, or until ice is just forming around the edges of the espresso.
  3. Pour the coke into a cup (over ice if desired) and wait for foam to subside.
  4. Gently pour the espresso into the coke.

Sip and enjoy!